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Looks like all Destro needed to get going again and really see the light at the end of the tunnel was a bit of late-Spring cleaning! This week I finished most of the iPad UI, which means that both iPad and iPhone/iPod UIs are now in releasable state. There will be some minor tweaks here and there, but nothing major. Other than that, the synth engine is done, sequencer is done and the MIDI engine is done. All that is left is to add some presets for you guys to get going when I release it and some help screens. Then some final debugging and regression testing and into the App Store it is!

To wet your appetites, here’s another sound clip I made today: click here┬áto hear it.


Oh dear, has it been that long since my last post? I guess that time does fly when you’re having fun (or at least when you are really occupied with other things).

Anyway, here’s a quick status update: Destro is very much alive. I’ve decided to cut/postpone some features I wanted to add in favor of a quick release. What does that mean in practice? The 3-track drum computer is definitely in, but you won’t be able to customize the sounds except for gain level. I also scrapped the keyboard. The controls for both the drum sounds and the keyboard were on a third screen and felt out of place (felt like they were tacked on), so I scratched them for now. This leaves the synthesizer control screen and the sequencer screen, which make Destro very easy to operate and everything feels more coherent. A next iteration will probably include them again, but probably in a different layout.

Other than that, iPhone/iPod UI needs a bit of finetuning/cleaning. iPad UI still needs to be done, but should be done fairly quickly. There are a few minor bugs left as well, but nothing major at this point.

Expect more news in the near future!