So, it has been more than a week since I submitted Destro 1.0.0 for review and so far it’s still waiting. That doesn’t mean that I am sitting still doing nothing in the mean time. I’ve started work on the 1.1.0 update. So far I’ve added the following additional features:

  1. Dedicated keyboard and mixer view
  2. Basic realtime audio recording function
  3. Some minor bugfixes/improvements

The dedicated keyboard and mixer view will bring back the keyboard/ribbon controller from AnaMini. I didn’t port it as-is, but also added a feature so you can select an octave down or up, giving you a three-octave range instead of one. I also added mixer controls to the same view, so you no longer have to go into the settings view to set the individual parts levels.

The realtime audio recording function will allow you to record whatever it is you are doing in Destro. It’s tapping right off the rendering buffer and it streams to file, so you can just hit record, play the sequencer, twist the knobs, pull the sliders, etc. etc. and it will all be streamed to 44100 Hz, 16 bit WAV. Since it’s streaming, there’s no limit on file output, as long as your device has space left it will just go on and on. For now I’m streaming everything uncompressed. This has the advantage of being easy on the resources, but it uses a lot of space. I’m considering compression, but will have to see if that’s even possible at realtime while also listening to the audio output and what the effects on performance are.

The recording function is a preparation for what is still left to do: audio export. Initial 1.1.0 release will certainly contain iTunes sharing and export via mail, but SoundCloud and ACP are on my todo list as well.

That’s it for this time!



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