Welcome to Anaphobia!

Anaphobia is a virtual analog synthesizer product line for the iOS platform. It consists of an innovative, modular virtual synthesis engine that is made up of several diferent components such as oscillators, amplifiers, filters, envelope generators (ADSR), sample sources, noise generators, vocoders as well as several effect units. On top of that, it will contain recording and audio export functionality, full CoreMIDI support and a step-sequencer is also available.

Anaphobia Mini

Anaphobia will start off with a very basic version called Anaphobia Mini (short: AnaMini). Anaphobia Mini will be provided completely free of charge and gives a good impression of the capabilities of its more extensive siblings. The Mini version is a classical monophonic virtual analog synthesizer, featuring one oscillator, one amplifier, one filter and two LFOs, as well as a scalable, one-octave keyboard and room for several custom presets (added on top of the factory presets provided by Anaphobia Mini). It features the step sequencer and MIDI integration as well. Check out AnaMinis page for the full set of specifications, screenshots and audio and videos.

Anaphobia Destro

Destro is AnaMinis bigger brother. It’s not free, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either! It expands on AnaMini with various functionalities like tempo-synced LFO’s, a 3-part drum synth and much more. Check out Destros page for theĀ full set of specifications, screenshots and audio and videos.

Additional versions

Besides AnaMini and Destro, there will be several other products in the Anaphobia line. Keep watching this site for more information on current and upcoming releases and products. Feel free to look around and ask questions or comment!